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    Kape Illustration – Freenetik

    Kape Illustration - Freenetik

    I have been following these two talented illustrators on both Ello and Behance for quite some time now. The work they produce is gorgeously colourful, contemporary yet with a subtly retro feel, skillfully executed and beautifully detailed. Kape Illustration is a partnership including Evelyne Krall and Andrei Puică from Timișoara in Romania. The art they create includes both traditional and digital mediums. Evelyne usually working digitally and Andrei manually. Their portfolio is a collection of posters for cultural events, illustrations…

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  • Bear
    Features Illustration

    Lorna Leigh Harrington

    Lorna Leigh Harrington is a talented and versatile illustrator based in Bristol UK. Having graduated from The University of Portsmouth in 2011, Lorna has since been working as a freelance illustrator.…

  • Great Pottery Throw Down
    Artisan Crafts

    The Great Pottery Throw Down

    If you haven’t heard about the BBC’s new show ‘The Great Pottery Throwdown‘ in the last couple of weeks, then what rock are you living under? Created by Love Productions, the…

  • Sandra-Suy-Thumb2
    Features Illustration

    Sandra Suy’s Fashion Illustrations

    Sandra Suy is a fashion illustrator from Barcelona, creating elegant and expressive images, each one bursting with energy and style. Her drawings combine delicate pencil lines with bold fills, resulting in beautiful and…

  • PHILTH City Of Colours Birmingham 2014
    Events Exhibitions

    Graffiti Life Gallery presents PHILTH

    The Graffiti Life Gallery in London proudly presents a new exhibition opening on 6th Feb, showcasing a selection of new works from Phill Blake, aka PHILTH. From childhood, Phill’s influences have come from…

  • Sacha Goldberger - Super Flemish Iron Man
    Design Features

    Sacha Goldberger – Super Flemish

    Sweeping the interwebs at the moment is the fabulous and unique work of Sacha Goldberger, who just recently participated in an exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris. His collection entitled…