Lapin – Illustrator, Artist, Urban Sketcher

El Corte Ingles - Lapin

Some years ago I joined a site called ‘skineart (for lovers of Moleskine sketchbooks) and discovered a popular artist by the name of Lapin. Popular for a good reason,  because this very prolific and talented artist created the most skilful and evocative sketchbook drawings and water colour paintings of urban scenes, people, automobiles and architecture in his Moleskine. So, I started to follow his blog (as you do).

Le cloître de la collégiale - Lapin

A true ‘Cosmopolitan’, Lapin is a french illustrator dividing his time between France and Spain and traveling the world, carrying his sketchbooks and sketchbook kit with him everywhere he goes. He records his experiences, observations and life around him visually in his sketchbooks, and will sit in a bar, a street, train anywhere, and sketch what he sees. To date, Lapin has completed over 150 sketchbooks.

El Corte Ingles - Lapin

Lapin’s work has an immediate appeal. His illustrations are cleverly executed, with a loose and relaxed drawing style, but bursting with detail, whilst at the same time conveying life and movement.  Currently, his preferred sketchbooks are old ledgers and accounting books he finds in flea markets (he is always on the lookout for more). Lapin has exhibited extensively over the years, and participated in many collaborations and workshops. His list of prestigious clients is extensive. But not only is he a very talented artist, he is a genuinely nice guy, both friendly, personable and approachable. I remain a big fan!

50s Fire Truck - Lapin

Some of Lapin’s work can be found in a recent publication by Danny Gregory entitled An Illustrated Journey: Inspiration From the Private Art Journals of Traveling Artists, Illustrators and Designers. Lapin is one of 40 artists whose illustrations of their travels are contained within this book.

I am hoping Lapin will do an interview for us in the future, so we can learn more about him and his wonderful sketches.

Lapin - Volkswagen


Istanbul  - Lapin

Porsche Poster - Lapin

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